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wp Jakarta, wpJakarta.Com. We are sociable. We like to helping each other, mingle and hanging out, discuss anything positive. We sang all music genre while having black coffee at the coffee shop. We also like to meet lots of fun people. We always open to anyone who have positive idea to grow. Invite us to just to have coffee and make a discussion, maybe there are business opportunities that can be developed together. Let’s collaborate if you have an idea to make wpJakarta.Com more useful.

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wpJakarta.Com is a documentation when we design a business website (portfolio) using WordPress and WooCommerce. wpJakarta.Com is also a staging website where we do tests before it implemented live on our portfolio network. Every article or tips on this website are mostly obtained from other sources with adjustments to the website theme scripts that we use.

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Often, we make some “experiment” about how to designing websites with WordPress and WooCommerce. Includes better optimization of pagespeed. Design with user friendly UI / UX and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that search engines like. As a result, instead of being written down in a notebook, we decided to “record” it on a website as a digital archive.

WordPress & WooCommerce customizations

We have written many articles about how to build a WordPress WooCommerce website. Or make some modifications and customizations that we do on the WordPress website. Or just visit our short articles (short courses) to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and JS. Check out our breakdown of articles via the sitemap page. You can and we are grateful if you share the articles we made to other external network. Or make the articles on this website as a reference if you feel useful and can help you.

About our user data policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, affiliate links and ad serving on this website, please visit the policy page. You may also visit our portfolio network at NetWork.

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