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wpJakarta.Com – a “native” blog that focuses on business development and online marketing based CMS WordPress + WooCommerce platform. wpJakarta.Com is a documentation when we design our portfolio / websites using WordPress and WooCommerce as the platform. We can also help you to build WordPress WooCommerce website.

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Tips-tricks & WordPress Tutorials

We write a lot about WordPress articles, tips-tricks and tutorials. Which is written based on problems we encountered while we customizing our own portfolio. Most of these are obtained from other sources with some adjustments to the website theme scripts that we use.

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Tips-tricks & WooCommerce Tutorials

We also write a lot of articles, tips-tricks, tutorials and WooCommerce customization using storefront by WooCommerce themes. Articles that we also write based on the problems that we encounter and the customizations we do. See also our articles tagged as “storefront”.

“Latest” Articles

Articles beyond technical WordPress and WooCommerce. We also like to write about general things, whatever we found outside. About the business opportunities, commodities, productivity, creativity and hobbies or even our experience while we travel around the world.

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