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It is a mandatory that you must have an account in order to make event and/or business listing on this site. Create account is so easy, and this page will explain about the important object to the account management.

  • A. Create account (sign up).
  • B. Login to your account (sign in).
  • C. Your profile information.
  • D. Changing to the new password.

A. Create account (sign up)

1. Sign up by using email address and username

Assuming you have signed for a long times ago, you can simply access our login page and make a request for password reset.
  1. Access our registration page and write your email address and username that you prefer.
  2. You are required to submit your email address and username whether you act as a personal or as a representative of your company or community.
  3. Solving the reCAPTCHA and hit the Sign Up button.
  4. Wait for an automatic email that we send to your email.
  5. Follow the link and you will be redirected your profile page where you will also maintain your profile information.

2. Sign up by using social login

You have optionally to sign up by using one of your social media account.

  • Google account.
  • Facebook account and
  • Twitter account.

B. Sign in

  1. Once you have officially registered to our database, you will be entitled as an author.
  2. You may use your username / email address and password for every login to our site and our subsite.

C. Your profile page and how to edit your profile

Access your profile page to edit some information about your self. This will help to identify about yourself and the entity that you represent.

  1. Email, you may use your personal or your company email address.
  2. Username, you can use whatever username you wish.
  3. Display name,
    • You may use your community or company name if you act on behalf of your community / company, or use your personal name instead.
    • Whatever the name you choose, please be wise to use the display name while it will be publicly display to your listing page.
  4. Your Google+ account, leave it blank if you don’t have.
  5. Website address, your personal or company website.
  6. Phone number, your personal or company phone.
  7. Short biography.
  8. Your profile photo.
    • You may choosing not to upload your image, and if you are using Gravatar service then we may still using your image uploaded on Gravatar.

D. Setting up new password

There are also additional section for setting the new password. If you wish to change your password to the new one, please follow the best practice on how creating the password by using the combination of capital letter + small letter + number and symbol.

Please periodically confirm and properly update your profile information. Make sure there are no obsolete or inaccurate information is remain.